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What to blog about today

It's been a few days...and I have noticed that everything I do makes me feel like posting to my blog. It's probably so kind of disorder that is yet unnamed...like bloggerbrainitis or something equally as stupid (although you'd be hard pressed to find anything that sounds that dumb) https://www.joom.com/en/best/edifier-r1280db-powered-bluetooth-bookshelf-speakers

This morning I was thinking about the soap opera that I've watched all my life. Seriously, my dad (shh) watches this soap opera because the women he use to work with watched it on their lunch hour - he still watches it to this day (he works from home now) and I grew up watching it.

Anyway, I was thinking about how I may stop watching it. For a lot of reasons, but mainly because I'm not interested anymore https://www.joom.com/en/best/gas-siphon-pump-autozone. I barely watch it now because I can read about the episodes and it takes a lot less time than watching it. I've also been noticing that soap operas aren't very realistic (what a revelation - I know!).

I'm annoyed with it all of a sudden, though. Like no one can lead a normal life - there always has to be tragedy. Not saying that real life doesn't feel that way sometimes, but come on! I swear if I were some of these characters I'd take to the bridge. So...I thought about blogging about this this morning.

Then, while I was brushing my teeth in my oh-so-scuzzy bathroom, I was thinking about how I am just not an organized person. I started to wonder if it's where I am in my life (SAHM with 2 kids under 2) or if it's just who I am. I would like to think it's that I have other things to do that makes me lag behind when it comes to things like laundry and toilet scrubbing https://www.joom.com/en/best/nintendo-switch-skin

Not that I don't do them...but I just don't do them enough. I actually made notes on my calendar that I want to start washing all the bedsheets every first and third Monday of the month. That way I'll know that it's getting done enough.

I then thought about doing this with all household chores...but I have yet to develop that plan. Besides, it's one thing to make a plan...it's another to stick with it. I should probably start small (like with bedsheets) so I don't disappoint myself too much. By the time I finished brushing my teeth, I had decided that this was what I was going to blog about today https://www.joom.com/en/best/vintage-closed-sign

Then, I started thinking about my blog while catching up on my bloglines. I have blog envy...there are so many blogs that I am jealous of...too many to list...but if you check out my Regular Reads (in the sidebar) you will find most of them. You see I am jealous that these blogs get so many comments...I started to wonder why people comment on these blogs and it seems like no one reads mine. (not to offend the 7 bloglines subscribers I have - and you 3 anonymous ones...you make me so curious - who are you?). Anyway, I started to re-evaluate why I blog and what I want out of blogging https://www.joom.com/en/best/skull-wallpaper-for-walls

I've decided that I need to make a bit of a change. I am going to stop using my blog as a "what I've been up to" diary kind of thing (don't worry...I'll still post pics and all that). I'm going to focus on my writing a little more. I want my entries to be something I can say - "Hehehe, that was fun to write and I'm proud of it." I'm a big dork...I know...oh well, I guess you'll just have to unsubscribe - oh, 7 readers of mine.

Pray for us ~ :)

Danika has croup and an ear infection ~ she's being a real trooper, though https://www.joom.com/en/best/cool-masks.

Nate had a low grade fever and hasn't been eating very well for the past 2 days (I'm guessing it's because he's not feeling so hot).

Say some extra prayers for us if you get a chance...I know it's not major, but I'm a bit anxious when they are sick. (I guess that's one way to put it - should say I'm a basketcase.)

Oh ~ and while I'm asking for prayer requests...please, keep my mother-in-law in your prayers. I can't really get into details now, but she's sick and having issues that may be pretty serious. I totally lucked out in the MIL department and can't imagine what life would be like without her (I know that's pretty selfish of me...but I do love her to pieces). It's not that serious, yet...but the potential is there so if you could - say some extra prayers for her, too https://www.joom.com/en/best/sewing-elastic-waistband

Busy Busy

Think I disappeared? Not really - but I've been unable to spend any time blogging for various reasons. The two main reasons are 23 months old and 9 months old and keeping me on my toes these days. :)

I just so happened to snag some Wiggles DVDs at Big Lots (Seriously - they were 4 bucks a piece!) so they are entertained while eating a snack right after a semi-long nap. So...after cleaning the kitchen and checking some email, I've decided to blog for the remainder of the free time I have at https://www.joom.com/en/best/goth-boots

We went to the Doctor's for a routine well child visit for Danika this morning. My little tubby baby is 29 inches long and weighs 21.4 pounds! Dr. G said she's doing great. She also gave me a "tip" for how to get Nate to eat more. She said that I should stop giving him sippy cups and make him drink out of cups without lids in the kitchen when I give him a drink. That way he'll drink when he's thirsty and not all day to have some calories when he's a little hungry. Argh ~ doesn't sound fun...but if it works that would make me a lot happier. The kid needs to start eating. His sister eats sooo much better than he does.

I'm waiting for my sister to send me the good pics from Halloween before I show you costume pics. I didn't get any good ones but she did. :) https://www.joom.com/en/best/flag-of-morocco

Well, I know it was short...but I have to go and make sure that Danika doesn't eat Nate's puzzle pieces. It's never ending.

Where I've been ~

Poking around a little bit and seeing if maybe it would be a better fit than Blogger for me. I've also been taking some on-line surveys, etc...I've gotten some pretty cool stuff in the mail from taking surveys. I've probably cashed a total of about 25 bucks in checks from survey sites and I have participated in 3 or 4 studies about baby products where they sent me diapers, wipes and such. It can keep you really busy if you do all the surveys that come your way. I created a special Gmail account just for survey stuff ~ that way when I have time I head on over to my Gmail and do some surveys and it doesn't clutter up my regular yahoo inbox. That was one of my brighter ideas. :) https://www.joom.com/en/best/large-ferret-cage

Last but not least, I've been busy. My grandmother visited and we saw her a few times last week. She lives in Florida. We had a wonderful time. My kiddos just LOVED her! We went shopping on Tuesday and spent a lot of cash - Grandma wanted to give us the kids Christmas and Birthday money while she was here and take us shopping for things they needed. We are all set for clothes for both of them now! What a blessing!!! Other than winter boots, they are both good to go until spring! :) ~ Well, I want to buy the Christmas outfits...but Jerry thinks they can wear something they already have. We'll see.

I've had Ethan all week - and things have been going really well. It just keeps me going. And makes me pretty tired by the end of the day https://www.joom.com/en/best/astronaut-halloween-costume

The not smoking thing is going really well...tomorrow will be 1 week since I had a cigarette. I miss it soooo much. It's funny because it's not the nicotine, it's the break I use to get by heading outside to smoke for 5 minutes. My mom suggested I take a tea break and make it special somehow. (I've given up Diet Pepsi, too...I'm a glutton for punishment these days). Who knows...I'm getting by. I just keep thinking, "What am I going to do when I'm around smokers? How am I going to handle wanting one then?" Last time I quit, I was pregnant and didn't really hang out with any smokers or anything for the first 4/5 months after I quit...except my SIL, but she's not a BIG smoker so it wasn't so bad. Eh ~ I will cross that bridge when I have to.

I'm going to bed...I'm really really tired and Ethan's going to be here by 6:30 tomorrow morning. It's gonna be another LONG day. :) https://www.joom.com/en/best/kids-ninja-costume

6 readers ~ WELCOME

Hello and welcome to my 6 readers! :)

I feel like I should introduce you all ~ but some of you already know each other anyway.

So...I took an entire week away from blogging and can't think of a damn thing to write about! Can you believe it? Oh wait...oh yeah NOW I remember what I wanted to write about while I was patiently waiting to make the switch to "private" blog like this https://www.joom.com/en/best/french-tip-short-nails

I got a call from my doctor's office the other day about my blood work. Turns out my triglycerides are super high (443) and I have to go on a diet. Plus, apparently birth control pills can cause your triglycerides to be elevated. So ~ I'm in the market for a new way not to get pregnant again...We need to address that pronto. I don't want to have 3 kids under 3...that would definitely not help me with the next thing I have to do https://www.joom.com/en/best/intex-swimming-pool. I have to REALLY quit smoking...which I am happy to report I've been successful at for about 62 hours now.

I tried when I told you all I was going to quit before, but that didn't work...I'm a little more determined now, but the diet and lack of smoking has made me really crabby...super crabby...extremely crabby. (Get the picture? I'm crabby.) I have a gigantic bag of Halloween candy that I bought with all intentions of eating myself sitting in the other room and I only had a Kit Kat (snack size) in the past week. That little Kit Kat by itself made me feel guilty. I hate dieting.

Really and truly, though, this isn't going to be a diet...it's got to be a lifestyle change. Once I get my triglycerides back on track I have to keep them that way ~ that'll mean I can give a little here and there, but I'm going to have to be healthier all the time. The doctor also put me on Lovaza ~ it's like top of the line Omega 3. He ordered blood work again in 2 months. Argh ~ the holidays are gonna stink https://www.joom.com/en/best/electric-scented-wax-melter

Just in case you have a blogreader (like bloglines or google reader) I want to let you know that my feed won't show up when I post. So, you're gonna have to come and seek me out! :)

I am going to give the private thing a try and if it doesn't work - I'm mainly worried that I won't feel like writing because I'll feel like no one is reading - pretty vain of me, I know - but if it doesn't work then I'll probably go back to being a public blog with comment moderation https://www.joom.com/en/best/lego-harry-potter-hogwarts-castle. But I wanted to try this first to see how it feels. I do have to warn you all, though...knowing that I know who is and is NOT (more importantly) reading my blog may cause me to say things I normally wouldn't. Be prepared. :) Oh, and thanks . . . I'm really glad you are here.

Home Sweet Home

I made it home safe and sound this evening and totally shocked the hell out of my mom and grandmother.

My aunt (who was in on it) and I had been talking the past couple of days about how we could get my granny out of the living room and away from the front door. My dad took me home after the truck dropped me off and called the house. I knocked on the door and stunned them. I still can’t believe I pulled it off. There were moments I doubted myself, especially last night on the road when my mom kept calling me and I couldn’t answer because she would be able to tell I was in the truck. I pulled it off https://www.joom.com/en/best/mario-and-luigi-hats!

I won’t forget about y’all while I’m on vacation. Hell, I don’t think I’d be able to make it.

Oh! I can’t believe I nearly forgot this little tidbit. I saw the TICC right before I left the station Thursday and he gave me a big hug (in the middle of the newsroom) and told me he would miss me. I’m trying to play it cool and not call/text/e-mail too much. It’s hard.

The Countdown Continues

Just four work days left… not that I’m counting or anything.

I’m leaving out of here when I get off work Thursday evening, hopping a truck and should be home sometime Friday afternoon.

I did tell my mom a small white lie https://www.joom.com/en/best/hidden-bluetooth-earpiece. She thinks I have to work Friday. Why? Because I told her that. I told her my EP couldn’t let me off Friday because we already have too many people off. We do have two people off already, but I’ve been busting my ass lately and he graciously let me have Friday off.

I’m still trying to decide how I’m going to surprise my mom. I guess it all depends on what time I get in Friday. She works until 4pm. If I get in before that, I’m tempted to go to the store where she works. I might just go out to the truck yard and let my dad take me home before she gets there. Of course, it’s all a moot point if I get home after 4.

The tricky part is going to be the phone situation. My mom and I talk several times a day. I know she’ll be calling Thursday when I get off work https://www.joom.com/en/best/outdoor-wifi-booster. I may just have to let it go to voice mail and/or send text messages. She’ll think it’s weird if I don’t call her Friday on my way to work so hopefully we can pull over at a truck stop about that time so I can call. I don’t want to take the chance of calling from inside the truck. I don’t want to give this away.

All of my friends and my dad are shocked I haven’t fessed up. Sometimes, I do have trouble keeping my mouth shut if it’s something I’m excited about. I almost slipped a couple of times this weekend when my mom and I were talking about how many days are left. My dad obviously knows, since he’s the one arranging my transportation. It was killing me not tell SOMEBODY so I ended up telling my aunt and swearing her to secrecy. That made me feel a lot better https://www.joom.com/en/best/gamecube-memory-cards-gamestop.

For now though, it’s off to work. Today is my hell day. It’s all downhill from here.



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